How to save phrases in 5.0?

Hi there,
On the old version it was possible to tap a word multiple times and a phrase or sentence would be suggested as a LingQ.

On a touch-enabled windows pc it doesn’t seem possible to hold and drag across a phrase as in the Android app; doing so will just go “back” to the previous webpage.

How can you save phrases in LingQ 5.0 on a touch-enabled pc?

I’d really appreciate your help. I do like the new design aside from this.

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To see Related Phrases now you have to create a LingQ for that word and then open the yellow popup. Or, if it’s open in the sidebar it will show the Related Phrases there which you would then be able to tap on and save. Otherwise, creating phrase LingQs on a touch enabled pc may be hard to do. Something for us to work on although since most touch users are on mobile devices, we do push our Android and iOS apps.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for your response.
Yeah, I noticed the related phrases section but it’s a lot of clicks and it doesn’t seem to take the full sentence or expression like it did on the v4 version of the android app…It would be fantastic if the UX could be improved here a little.

For this reason, I don’t find the desktop site very useful; single-word LingQs (in French and Romance languages) aren’t very useful without a context as the grammar and endings etc will always change. Hopefully you guys can find the time to improve it, I do like what you’ve done so far. Thank you

We used to save the sentence fragment that you first found the word in but this information has been removed. We can see if it can be added back as we add future customizability.