How to resist Language Wanderlust

Maybe some of us here could take advantage of this article:

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haha I love the term “language wanderlust”! I’m definitely struggling with it now. (Currently procrastinating on my more difficult Chinese studying because I’m obsessing over french culture & French gives me more immediate gratification.)

Thank you for posting the article :slight_smile:

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Just the mere title gives me itchy feet (or should it be an itchy brain?): Wanderlust, here I come!

@AI3 Thank you for the link!

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Good article. I definitely suffer from this condition :wink:

Let me share how I cope with Language Wanderlust as a stupid, overly-ambitious university student whose attempts to do everything actually result in her doing nothing:
I’m attempting to learn five languages simultaneously because I guess I thought I could do that. I realized after a bit that that was ridiculous, buuuut I couldn’t (and still can’t) bring myself to give any of them up, so I’ve implemented a system with a 5-day cycle in which each day is dedicated to a particular language and that’s my language to study for the day. It works pretty well – none of them get neglected and I’ve made noticeable progress in most of them since implementing the system about a month ago.
Of course, I avoid Wanderlust at this point by absolutely not allowing myself to adopt new languages at all. I’ve vowed to stay true to my current languages. …at least for now^^

In my case, it is already about 4 months now (after many time struggling about it) that I have finally been able to focus in just three foreign languages (although my main focus or daily practice is actually only on two of them).
You can’t imagine how beneficial this has been, although that means I had to put other languages (among them French and Italian :cry: which I really really like) in a “standby mode”… at least for now :wink:
And of course, as lynkusu says, I avoid getting hooked by any other “new” language.

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When I was 18 I had so many language books for about 15 languages. I really couldn’t keep up a consistent routine to learn these languages that I ended up not progressing in any of them. It was 122 books in total (yes I counted them all up at time! I could have started my own library! Haha!) I try to stick with 2 now and then if I really absolutely must/want to learn that language, then I will learn after I become fluent in the ones that I’ve already learnt.


What did you do with the rest of the 122 books? Did you pass them on to feed someone else’s Wanderlust?

SanneT: That’s what I had to do eventually. They were more than happy to take them off my hands.