How to reset Known Words?

I was looking around the lesson and accidentally clicked on the link to the add Known Words without realizing THAT was the button that did that. So now I have 128 known words but technically I know 0.

Is there a way to reset them or do I need to delete and remake my account before i buy a membership?


What you can do is actually just highlight a word again then click it to access the blue widget in the dashboard. At the moment there’s an issue with the reset/delete function on the Account page, but we hope to have this fixed soon. If you just want to start over right away, though, you can just cancel your account from the Account page (found at the top right in the dropdown) and remake your account :slight_smile:

Highlighting doesn’t work on a phone/tablet unfortunately. It would be good if there was an option to reset known words, given how the “I know all these words” button is so much larger on a mobile device than the tiny tiny “Next lesson” link.