How to Request specific content?

Okay, so pretty much what the thread title says. I am looking for specific content in Russian and well …frankly it’s not available here at LingQ. Trust me, I’m looking really hard for text with audio and it’s been very difficult. So, how would I…is it possible…could I request some content?


What kind of content you would like to request?

Oh and for anyone who wonders, yes I can import, but…the content…no, it’s not the same.

Specifically, okay, so DON’T JUDGE PLEASE! :P, but I want to know everything about the Russian videogame console “Dendy”. I want to know the history, the games (if possible), the problems with the console and the games, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G…

Yes, mighty specific, but there you go. Wikipedia is too complicated, Youtube doesn’t have captions for many videos, etc etc.


Well you could just used Rhinospike ( Its an online learning community where you post a text and get a native person to record for you.

So in your case, If you find any websites ( in russian) with info on the “Dendy” console… just make a text from that info and try to get someone at rhinospike to record for you. Which you can then import into Lingq for Lingqing.

Give it a try. it might be worth your wild. I haven’t used rhinospike myself but it could be a way of your getting the content you want.

oh!!! This might be just what I am looking for! Thank you! Thank you! :smiley:

Would it be doable also for English? It would be wonderful if it is… I have trouble finding scientif stuff of the subjects that interest me with audio.

Yeah, they have tons of stuff in English. You can request anything really… check it out!

I will try. And I think they will not be without work anymore… laughters…

So, what if…RhinoSpike just isn’t as active as I would like for Russian? What if there was a way to request content from users? Maybe in return for points? Perhaps a future consideration?

You are able to transfer points to other members. Why not ask for what you want on the forum and offer some points in return?

Hi Cloud, that is always a problem. I’ve tried another community once with free services but it didn’t work. I guess it depends on the language you are looking for, and on the available members there.

Here on LingQ you can make an agreement with a tutor for conversation or writing corrections and you pay with points. So you can get corrections and other services from people who don’t need your help. They can use their points to request help from other learners with other native languages. Or (especially for English) they can convert the points.

If you want to have other help (for example recordings) you can ask a russian tutor or member if he or she can help you. With the new feature you can send her or him a gift which means points.

mmmm okay! I’ll give that a try. Thank you both Steve and Veral.