How to reorder the lessons in one's own course?

I have imported my book chapters as lessons for a course of my account. The book chapters were chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3… etc and the lessons for these texts have been “chapter 1” for chapter 1, “chapter 2 (1)” and “chapter 2 (2)” for chapter 2, “chapter 3” for chapter 3… so on. Lesson 1 with the title “chapter 1” should be the first lesson on the course because I had imported them in the exact chapter order but I didn’t know why that wasn’t the case. “Chapter 2 (1)” was the first lesson existed on top in my course this time. I want to move the lesson “Chapter 2 (1)” down the list so it should be the second lesson appear on the course. How should I do this?
Thank you for your time.

In Edit Course. You can arrange the lessons however you like (click hold a lesson and “slide” it up/down.)

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We can’t do it in mobile browsers can we? I have tried reorder the lessons under the desktop mode in Chrome for Android but nothing moved (when I tapped on them). It was designed to be that way wasn’t it?

Doesn’t appear to be a way to do it. I just tried, but every time I click and hold on the lesson or in particular the “move” symbol it just wants to scroll or highlight the screen. Maybe there’s a way to turn off the typical behavior of the phone/tablet so that it would work, but seems like it’s not doable (that I know of anyway).