How to remove the notifications at the rightmost tab

On the page where there is a conversation on the left side, there is another section at the right side with the three tabs at the top. I notice that at the rightmost tab there is always one brightly-red-colored notification with a number (3) in it.

What does it mean? How to remove it? Sorry, but I find it a bit annoying to see this red-colored thing dangling around all the pages.

This red-colored “thing” shows that there is additional information available for this lesson. There is always a “1”. It leads you to the “Ask a tutor forum”. If the number is higher than one you can find one of these: a translation into another language, lesson notes, a script, a video, attachements etc.

Thanks for your feedback on this! We’re working quite actively on the lesson page, and have some improvements to the dashboard also planned. We’ve got this one on our list and will hopefully have a solution that will improve the interface to make it more clear when there are resources available for the lesson.

Please feel free to share any other feedback you have about the site!

I see. Thank you for the explanation.