How to remove spaces between chinese words on Android?


I think it can depends on your keyboard style
I prefer pinyin input and it looks well for now
But i don’t know the other keyboard style

Thanks but this has absolutely nothing to do with my question. My question related to when I’m reading on LingQ. I have no idea why the default setting is to split words with a space inbetween when there are zero native texts that do it like this. It really throws off my reading.

Also when I do it on desktop, on the website, using chrome, it doesn’t actually do anything. The words are still separated.

Functionality seems broken. I’ll 100% be unsubscribing unless I can figure this out on mobile (let alone the desktop version!). It’s super weird and not like native texts. and really throws me off

Bump… The dictionary and combining words that shouldn’t be combined crap is bad enough without this spacing issue. It’s very very bad.

I love the idea of LingQ but the Chinese right now is completely unusable. I’ve unsubscribed.

A great alternative is to use real books and then use pleco in combination with the real physical book. The picture OCR on pleco is about $10 and extremely extremely good. You can try it out for free but you can’t see the definitions. It’s great because you can select yourself which characters make a word and it’s really easy to use. They don’t automatically decide for you.

Or use an ebook on your phone and copy and paste characters into Pleco.

Anyone have any other alternatives until LingQ gets fixed?

I wouldn’t say it’s “unusable”, but yeah, there are better systems for Chinese than LingQ. I really like the Android app “DuShu”, for instance.

Dushu looks interesting but it has the same problem with spacing between words. Just downloaded it. You know how to fix it?

Figured it out. Has the option to remove all spaces. Love it. Thanks for >
I prefer pinyin input and it looks well for now
But i don’t know the other keyboard style