How to remove "Click here for help!" link

Click here for help is taking up space at the bottom of my lesson notes. How can I remove it from the lesson page?

I don’t also understand the functions of this new childish play.

I understand how the help “pop-up” link may be useful for new LingQers, but for old hats (like myself) they are not needed. Perhaps there should be a “do not show this again” function.


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Thanks for your feedback here! We added this to see if it helps more members get answers to the questions they have, and helps them more easily get in touch with us should they have questions.

I see what you mean, and we’ll see if we can make some adjustments regarding where this button appears on the different pages of the site!

I think it’s a great idea, especially for those that are new to LingQ! Although, I do understand the complaints from the veteran LingQ users. Maybe on/off button?