How to read contents

Do you read an entire content/article first and check words/phrases on LingQ later? Or, do you check words/phrases on LingQ as you read along when reading the content for the first time?

I hear that reading ability reflects on the reading speed. What do you think is the best way to improve reading when learning foreign languages?

At first, I listen to the whole article to have a general impression, I don’t read.
After that I read and listen thoroughly, I stop after each paragraph and try to find out the meaning of each word from the context and if I can’t understand some words, I look them up in the dictionary.
I seldom use other hints in this case because they are mostly unsufficient for me and I would like to know all meanings of the word that I can’t understand from the context.
After such thorough learning of the text I listen the text again 1 or 2 times.
If the text has no audiofile, I look through the whole text and then I return to some phrases which are difficult for me by looking through, reread them.
I often can understand them by rereading. And if not, I look up unknown words.

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These days: click through all blue words and change to yellow or known. Then read and LingQ phrases as I go (and in some cases mark old LingQs as known).

I used to have another stage in between the two where I would quickly review all LingQs, but this is a bit tedious.

Reading speed: sounds funny but I enjoy the fact that I read slower on LingQ than off it. I am less likely to skip words and I feel like I get more out of reading. Sometimes slow is better than fast! :slight_smile:



Wow, I’m impressed that you study so thoroughly! When I’m in serious mood, I’ll emulate your learning style. :slight_smile:


I guess how to study depends on your mood, time constraint, and places at the time. :slight_smile:
The website that train the reading speed sounds interesting!


You have an unique way to read contents! I prefer reading contents to reviewing LingQs too. :wink:
When I can read articles on LingQ, I’ll try to enjoy the fact that I can read them more deeply. :slight_smile: