How to rate a tutor on LingQ


When you asked to see the tutors who are online, I have noticed that some of the tutors have been rated. I would like to rate some of mine. How could I do that? I am allowed to do that?

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Fabrice from France.

Hi Fabrice,
You can rate tutors for both discussions and writing corrections. Simply open up a conversation report or writing report and submit your ratings on the right-hand side of the page.
Let us know if you need any additional help with this!

If you give a rose in the report, the report will be open for all!!


Hello Zoran,

Thank you for answering my request. It is much appreciated.

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Hi Joalanda,

As far as I am concerned (in France) and hopefully, it is not possible. LinkQ is not able to find the report.

Anyway, thanks for commenting.

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I don’t understand why giving a rose to the report will make the report open for all. How could that happen?

I wanted to write the same. Be careful. If you give a rose, the report is shared on the exchange with an “Open” link and everybody can read it. Sometimes reports include personal issues that you have discussed with your tutor and should be kept private.

It doesn’t happen, if you don’t import the report to make a lesson and then give the lesson a rose.

Thank you for that hint.

I always import my reports. Otherwise I cannot study them with LingQ.