How to put enter a picture into a course

Sorry about the two verbs in the heading. I don’t seem to be able to fix the slip-up I made here. In the past I have been able to post a picture on a course page. Now I cannot work out how to do this. I cannot change the course title either. Help me please! Also, when putting a picture on a lesson, I am unable to avoid having a black space at either the top or the bottom of the picture. Is there a way around this?

I have solved all these problems now except the one about the black space. I’ll just leave it at the bottom.

You should have an image 200x200 pixels to avoid the black space around it.

Another query on this topic. I have changed some of my creative commons Chinese Pod lessons to public. I want to put Chinese Pod as the provider, but don’t know how to do so. At the moment I am entered as the provider, which is not fair to Chinese Pod.

Good question. You can update the provider of a course by going to the Edit Course page then selecting a provider from the dropdown list.

If the provider is not listed, how do you add one? There used to be an option “Add new”, but I don’t see it any longer.

Hmm, looks like this got lost in the mix somewhere. We’ll figure out what happened here and get it added back.

Just a heads up that this is now back, and will appear at the bottom of the Provider list!

Great! :slight_smile: