How to move Lingq's to known words

I have learned some of my Lingq’s, but I’m not sure how to move them to known words. The option in the dashboard isnt there when I click on a Lingq, like it was when it was in blue before becoming a Lingq. How do I move them once I have learned them?

Try clicking on the 4 near the word. Moving a lingq to a status of 4 means that it counts in the ‘known words’ and in the ‘lingqs learned’ categories (unless the lingq is a phrase, in which case it’s a learned lingq, but not a known word).

Thanks. I think I actually just figured it out…if anyone ever has the same question, what I did was I clicked ‘edit’ next to the flashcards, multiple choice etc in the dashboard, and where the numbers are, I scored those words I know a 4 and then they were added to known words.

Also if you click on a yellow word in any lesson you will see on the right-hand side in the dashboard that same status bar and if you click on the four it’ll change that words status to known.