How to measure difficulty together with length of content?

Hi guys,

I just want to know your opinion and what do you usually prefer,

Do you prefer :
a 4-minute material with 10-20% of new words or
a 30-minute material with 10-20% of new words?

What is your opinion on that difference? How can we measure difficulty together with length?

I am in that phase of French that “InnerFrench” podcasts are becoming boring because they are ± 30-minute material with 10-20% of new words. However, when I do lessons from “La boîte aux curiosités”, that are more like 4-minute material with 10-20% of new words, I feel like cheating and that most majority of words do not stick with me.

Longer material tends to have the new words repeat more in different contexts which helps understanding them. I’d say longer texts are easier to learn more words because of this, and feels more natural to me personally

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The former as LingQ doesn’t remember where you last stopped the audio recording.

I like shorter material. I find that longer material you just have too many new words to learn at once. I usually have only 5-10 min here and there as well so for the longer material. My attention also seems better on the shorter material when I do have longer than 5-10 min to spare. I can just repeat the material or rotate it with additional short material.

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