How to Master a language?

Hi guys, so basically about 5 days into my using of lingQ in Chinese study as an Upper beginner ( I don’t even know my Level lol but I know I’m down with the basics) And I can say It’s been hard trying to know study or rather immerse.
Basically reading through the stories and saving new words, I’m that type who HATES😭 going back to flashcards or Whatsoever to review it and I’m afraid this is bad? Or is not going back to your flashcards gonna effect your learning?
And also I find it hard to even go through it’s audio for the lesson I read tho (Because I can basically play a podcast or watch dramas while listening but when it comes to here, I’m lazy to do that🥲)

And learning Chinese, I just sometimes tend to feel discouraged about Ever naturally picking up these words ( Literally different words for same English meaning or so And complicated usage in context different from what I know in English) So I don’t know how I’m going to naturally pick that up through reading it which is my aim.

So Overall it’s been demotivating to have to stare through the stories and be like, oh Chinese is so hard and complicated, how am I ever gonna NATURALLY ever pick up this pattern like. It’s so complicated. And the fact that I hate reviewing the flashcards I saved​:joy::sob: or listening to audios.

Although I can say I’m really glad for one thing. Within these few days I can see myself naturally grabbing MOST word I see through the lesson. Like I see them and I’m like, oh I know this one and even the meaning and pronunciation. Without even Translating. So I think it’s easier to naturally pick up the words I see often herr which I like.

So what’s your take on what I should do here for the problems :sob:

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Attain a huge amount of vocabulary. After, start listening. Just know that

Vocabulary increases efficiency for learning
Listening increases chances of having conversations and how long you can survive a conversation. Do both but vocabulary acquisition should be a priority in the beginning stage.

Source: Studied everyday for 2 years for chinese on lingq