How to mark a lingq-word back to unknown? + what happens with learnt words?

Two questions, actually. Both about managing lingq pool of words.

  1. I have a lingq-word, that is, it is currently marked by yellow in my texts. Is there a way to return it back to “unknown” status so it will be marked with blue? I am looking for this to allow myself to postpone (for long time) learning of some words, while preserving their status as “unknown”. That is, I might lingq some word, and then change my mind and wish to return this word back to the pool of unknown.

  2. After a lingq-word gets “known” status, it is still underlined in the text. Will this underlining eventually disappear and when? Or should I press “X” in the end and remove this word from the system manually? Just of my curiosity. )

Thanks in advance

For words that you don’t want to save as LingQs but don’t want to add to your Known Words list either, you can use the Ignore status. This removes the highlight from the word and moves it to an “ignored” list. If you want to save this word at some point in the future you can just highlight it again with your cursor and save it.

The underline on Status 4 words helps identify these words in your text. Since it’s possible (and very common, actually) to forget words, this then allows you to easily review your Status 4 LingQs. Pressing “X” will remove the LingQ and move the word to the Ignore status, which I don’t think is what you’re after.

Thanks, Alex

Well, if the option of creating a new ling-q word for previously ignored word is a legitimate option for the system, this mostly resolves my 1st problem, though being able to move a word back to unknown pool marked with blue color might be a nice option, IMHO.

As for the 2nd question, of course people tend to forget words, but then this means that if I learn 1000 new words with the system, all of them will be underlined forever in all the texts or alternatively I can only mark them as “ignored” and then lower my lovely counter :slight_smile: of known words.

In my experience you pick up many and probably most of your new learned words incidentally without ever LingQing them. So the status 4 or learned words that are underlined are not a problem.

Once you highlight a word it is blue again. Then you save and it becomes yellow. You need not leave it blue I don’t think.

Thanks, Steve.

I guess, I should work for long time with the system to bring any practical opinion. Thank you for sharing your experience.