How to make the IPA sounds - visuals?

Had an interesting discussion about tongue placement and other things and the topic of palatalization came up in Russian.

Got me thinking to generalization of pronunciation for Russian.

Does anyone know of a good source which includes pictures with exact tongue placement for each of the Russian vowels and consonants?

As for palatalization, here are two videos that I’ve found helpful in this regard:
Russian grammar has an explanation that includes very clear general diagrams:

Fluent in Russian doesn’t provide pictures but gives very detailed, practical tips about how to pronounce each of the soft sounds and how their articulation compares with the corresponding hard ones:

As for diagrams for every phoneme articulation, complete with IPA symbols, this playlist may be what you’re looking for:

If you want to really get into the rabbit hole of actual phoneme realizations and their variations, backed by hard data, you may like this article: