How to make the audio repeat when working with a lesson

Is there a button somewhere which allows repeat of audio? At present, I find that I am needing to click every time I want the audio to play again.

I am using LingQ on my desktop. (I already know how to get repeat on my android and find that SO helpful!)

I have a screen shot I can post if that would be helpful.

@KnowItSome - As you noted, this feature exists in our mobile apps but not yet on the site itself. In the meantime, I recommend downloading the audio and opening it in iTunes or an equivalent program where you will be able to set it to repeat the audio.

Thanks, Alex, that is what I have been doing. Sometimes I miss features that are staring me in the face, though, so I thought it was worth asking.

I am loving the playlist option, which is something I had not used prior to now.