How to make pinyin larger?

I like lingq for latin script based languages, but for Chinese the pinyin is far too small for me to use. Is there an option some where to increase the size of the pinyin?


Sorry but that’s not possible at the moment. You can increase the size of the text under the settings but that won’t affect Pinyin above it. We’ll see if we can do that in the upcoming updates.


I’m looking forward to this update too!
I don’t use pinyin on top of the text but it is so small in the word panel to the right too that it is hard to see the diacritics.


It’s somewhat inconvenient, but what you can do in the interim is click inside the area where the script is and hold ctrl and “+”, or you can hold ctrl while rolling your mouse wheel back and forth. This seems to work on my PC using Chrome.

Same here.