How to make friends?

As I am new, I’m trying to get to know this site a little better, but some of the things I cannot figure out myself. And I don’t find anything in the search and help section, therefore my many posts. I’m sorry about that.

How can I make friends?
When I post on the walls of someone there are two options to do so: “öffentlich” and “post” with the little arrows next to the words. I don’t dare to just click and see what happens, therefore where is the difference, and what options do I get on clicking the arrows?

And what happens if I click “Einladen” at the top of the page on the right side, directly next to my username? I’m not a member of any social site, and have no intention in becoming one, although I would like to have some friends here for conversation in my learning languages.

In essence a friend here is someone whom you follow. This means that you can follow what they are doing, their achievements, the lessons they are studying, and any comments they make. To follow someone you go to their profile and click on “folgen”. They may or may not follow you back.

When you make a comment, or share a lessons, you can choose to do so for all members öffentlich", or just for “freunde”. Just click on the arrow to see the choices.

You can also search for people who are learning the same language as you on the Freunde page. You may want to contact them, write on their wall, ask them to get together on skype or whatever you want.

The “einladen” is for you to invite your friends to come to LingQ. It explains the ways in which you can refer people to LingQ and earn points. You can click on it and see what is there. It does not commit you to anything.

thanks for the explanation.

I tried out a lot already, but as I am new there is so much to figure out and learn, that can be a little overwhelming. It will take some time unless I can navigate around properly. Especially when before this site I have never used the Internet for learning a language or anything at all.