How to lingq a phrase from a lesson?

I’m back to use Lingq after some months of absence. Sorry if these simple questions has already be treated.

I have no problem with new single words. But how can I lingq a group of words where one is already highlithed in blue?
Less important, is there a way to discard blue highlighted words (e.g. personal names, places or singular letters) from the list of known words, before pressing “I know all”?

You have to “print preview” to able to copy phrases. As for names, numbers, places and letters, I don’t know how the tool can discard them automatically. It’s just the way it is, only that it’s a bit more annoying now when we see everything. (before the upgrade, all this was still added to your “known words”).

One way to do it would be to lingq a blue word so that it becomes yellow. You then edit the yellow lingq and discard it. There will be no more lingq and the word will not be blue anymore. However I wonder if it’s really worth the hassle.

Thank all of you very much.

Hi Monica,

You can actually highlight and link a group of words. If one of them is blue, it can be a little confusing to separate the popups but it can be done. The other thing you can do is to click I Know All and then go back and select phrases once the original blue highlighting is gone. As Jeff says, you can’t discard words but it is no different than the system was before in this regard. The new method just makes you realize and want that option. It is in our wish list too.

I’m using FF and I have no difficulty highlighting a phrase already containing a blue word, just highlight as before and click New Hint. I haven’t tried linking discrete words, as I have no need for it - but according to previous posts it, too, can be done.

I also have no difficulty saving phrases in FF. I tend to prefer to edit my captured phrase right now but I alternate back and forth.

Thanks again.

It’s not so important to discard personal names and places. Sorry, I didn’t me to ask for a new option.
The number of known words we get from the system is indicative; we may have the same verb in different forms and so on.
But that is not at all a problem. It’s ok the way the system works: we can see we are improving, how fast and we can set personal goals.