How to let the audio play by the timestamps

I have done the re-split for this uploaded youtube video (German):

But I cannot figure out how to let the sync (playing the script under the sentence mode automatically according to the timestamp) play? Which button should i click to let the timestamp/sentence move?

I’m not sure I follow exactly but, in Sentence View, if you click the audio tts button above the sentence, the timestamped audio for that sentence should play. Otherwise, it will play the auto generated tts voice instead.

Many thanks! Now I see how it works: the timestamp controls the timing match between each script sentence and the audio counterpart. I thought it works as a synchronization device btw the flows of audio and script - ie the sentence should turn automatically according to the timestamp which has been set up to follow to the speed of the audio - a Karaoke (subtitle) system which Readlang provides. No. This is not featured by LingQ (or maybe under development…).

We do have our “Listening Mode” which will be coming out in our version 5 web release due out in the next week or so. It sounds a lot like the karaoke mode you describe. Stay tuned… It’s available now on the iOS app.

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Great! Looking forward. When will the Android version be released?

Should be next week or so.

Android 5.3 has arrived. But I have not seen the appearance of Listening Mode; not in the Web either…

It is there on Android and iOS. Web 5.0 hasn’t been released but, it is also there in the beta version. On mobile once you are playing the lesson audio, tap on the audio player to expand it and see Listening Mode.