How to learn languages via radio, have you tried it?

After I listen to music over the
makes it easier for me to learn English, it teaches me how to pronounce, read and communicate, sometimes it’s easy for me to access languages not only English but also many other languages. language
Why haven’t you tried it yet!

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I think listening to radio helps for sure. I listen to french language radio sometimes and it forced me to pay attention to just the audio because there was no video for context.

I would say I have reached a higher intermediate level in Spanish…
When I’m on the treadmill for an hour in the gym, I go onto the Radio Garden app.
7 hours of listening a week, I’m able to understand 80% of what’s being said…

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Short-wave radio was my main source of foreign language audio input for a long time back in the day, long before there was internet (yes, I’m that old).