How to Learn Language with Spotify

I like music. You probably do too. There are plenty of resources, tools, and methods to use music for language learning. But I want to share a special one - using Spotify.
You may also a Spotify user and use it to listen to music usually. But not many people use it to learn the language. Here is how.
If you’re learning Korean, Spanish, or Portuguese, sometimes K-pop and Latino are already listed as genres while you scroll down on the ‘Browse’ page.
And this is the most useful for learners of other languages, click ‘Charts’ and then take your pick from ‘Top 50 by Country’ or ‘Viral 50 by Country’.
Last, to make things easier, Spotify has handily created some playlists of the audio content for various languages, like French, Italian, German, and more.
Also, Also, if you are not a Spotify user, you can use a
or Spotify free with a Spotify converter to listen to Spotify free.

I know for chrome there are several extensions that can import lyrics from multiple sources “Lyrics by Here by Rob”. It finds lyrics from multiples sources (ranging from metrolyrics, genius, atozlyrics, and a kpop site) for Spotify, Jango, AccuRadio, Deezer, 8tracks, Google Music, iHeartRadio,, Yandex Music, Qobuz, SoundCloud, Saavn, Pandora and Bandcamp.

Lyrics Here By Rob Info website: Lyrics Here by Rob W
Chrome extension site: Lyrics Here by Rob W - Chrome Web Store)

Cen we import audio and transcripts with spotify?