How to learn German in two months?

Do you have any successful methods of learning languages? I need to learn German as soon as possible. I am going to apply for a job in June and I need to speak more than two languages. My first language is Polish, second English.
Maybe, someone would like to make friend with me and help me to practise my written German? I need a penpal to gain fluency :slight_smile:

I needed 6 months living in Germany and doing a language course, to come from zero to relative confidential language level.

I believe the quickest way for self-learning is LinqQ. But I find 2 months (if you are now at zero) unrealistically.

Hi Nessie,

I agree with Junair. I cannot believe that someone can learn a language in two month and reach the level “fluent”. I work hard on my English and I started not as a total beginner and it needs some months to reach acceptable fluency. But it depends on your efforts and which level of speaking is your goal. How many hours a week would you spend for learning German?

Writing is not a way to become fluent in conversations. Writing and speaking are totally different abilities. If you want to reach fluency in a language you should first listen a lot and second you should make conversations. Conversations are a must it you want to learn to speak.

LingQ is a great way to learn languages and the tools on LingQ are the best I’ve found in the internet, but you should not expect that it works without efforts.

So, first listen a lot, and when you feel able to start a conversation you find times for conversations offered by Annett and myself in the Speaking section of LingQ. Hope talking to you soon.


Hi Agnieszka,

I looked into your profile and saw that you want to learn German for being a flight attendant. I am sure that you can learn enough in two months if you concentrate on these phrases which will be most important for the job and the job interview. During my medical studies I had internships in Costa Rica,Turkey and Georgia, which didn’t last very long, but because medicine is concerned which specific problems, it was possible to understand what was happening after a short time. In Turkey and Georgia I assissted in the operation room without problems and quickly learned the names for instruments as well as the phrases which I needed to chat with the doctors and fellow students.
So, I want to encourage you to try and please feel free to contact me.



It all depends on how much time you have. If it were me, I would spend as much time as possible listening, reading and reviewing vocabulary, in other words doing what we do at LingQ.

Just talking will not do it, since you will just stay with what you know. Yes talk, and write, but spend most of your time getting more of the language into your brain. Take advantage of LingQ. I note from your Profile that you are not very active. I suggest you start by taking advantage of what you can do at LingQ.