How to learn french?

Hi, I just wanted to ask if anyone had any tips for me on learning french?
I’ve been learning french for a very long time in school, but I never seemed to really pick it up. So I just wanted to ask if anybody has some experiences to share?
Merci beaucoup! :slight_smile:

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Hi Vuky,

“I’ve been learning french for a very long time in school, but I never seemed to really pick it up.”
We’ve all been there.
Unfortunately, schools around the world have more or less failed when it comes to second language acquisition (SLA). The only success stories in schools are bilingual programs, esp. in English.

Re tips:

  1. General SLA strategies
    Here’s my attempt of a comprehensive framework for learning any language (as of August, 2022), esp. based on content flexible Audio Reader software such as LingQ.
    Anmelden - LingQ

  2. French in particular
    a) Many (free) everyday dialogues that you can import into LingQ from the Fr. Facile website:
    Dialogues FLE - intermédiaire - pour apprendre le français

b) “Inner French” podcast (some episodes are already imported into LingQ)

c) Learning French with TV5Monde:

d) RFI’s Journal en Fr. Facile:

  1. How I’d learn French nowadays based on LingQ and the strategies mentioned in 1)
  • I’d start with the LingQ Mini Stories and the dialogues of 2a).
  • Then I’d continue with non-fiction books, e.g., Harari’s “Sapiens” and “Homo Deus”, and episodes of the “Inner French podcast”.
  • After that, I’d switch to French TV series on Netflix (with the import of the subtitles into LingQ).
  • Finally, I’d read contemporary popular fiction such as Grangés “Les Rivières Pourpres” until I reach ca. 3 million words read (= a B2-C1 / C1 language level in reading comprehension).
    From that point on, I’d read and listen to whatever I want.

Hope that helps,

PS -
You can download hundreds of novels (Maupassant, Proust, etc.) from the TV5 website: Tous les livres - Bibliothèque NUMERIQUE TV5MONDE


Peter’s advice is on point.

With Lingq you do have to take a plunge into the unknown. In the beginning you have to struggle through some texts as even easy dialogues will be difficult. With Lingq there is no teacher really to guide you, so you have to soldier through.

You might also find following website of interest:
They also have a discord that is quite active for French.


You can watch some French TV shows. Listen to French radio.