How To Learn Chinese Tones? (Podcast)

If you ask any Mandarin learner which aspect of the language they find most challenging, it’s highly likely they’ll give a one word answer: tones.

I regularly get asked how learners should go about learning tones so I thought this topic merited an episode in itself. On today’s podcast I’ve assembled a group of Chinese learning friends who are all at different stages of learning and have interesting insights to offer. Check it out here: How to Overcome the Problem of Chinese Tones (Podcast) – I'm Learning Mandarin

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Always thought that listening a lot helped


Hi, I’ve been studying Chinese for many years and tones were always a problem. Finally, a few years ago, I found this video and it was so helpful. Basically, English speakers already use tones but we don’t realize it.
This is a great video for beginners and anyone struggling with tones.

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For anyone struggling with tones I also have this blog documenting exactly what I did to improve mine from average learner level (bad), to pretty dope in 6 months.