How to learn any language forum

Does anybody have any news about it? It just seemed to disappear…

I have no idea what happened to forum. The only page I can get to display is this one Learning Languages

“The site is offline. There appear to be problems with the DNS servers. See the Google+ hangout group for further discussion, or follow me on Twitter for updates. -emk, 15 April 2014.” via HTLAL wikia

Here’s Eric’s twitter:

Here’s an alternate forum in case htlal doesn’t come back. I see a few familiar faces there already.

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I would like to know what’s going on with this forum, last week it was working, today just gone.

For info about the current situation of the HTLAL - forum, please read my post on the “Poly Dog” - forum:

Here is the link to the thread: Welcome HTLAL members! | Welcome to the Language Learning Forum at Polydog

This will give you enough - first hand - explanation!


The HTLAL - forum is now accessible during it’s still ongoing downtime via its IP - address.
Please read more about how to access HTLAL in the “Polydog” forum, which is one place where HTLAL - members are gathering during the downtime period of the HTLAL - forum.

Here is the direct link: