How to Learn a New Language from Scratch: Indonesian - Steve Kaufmann

Given that the fastest way to learn a language is to listen and read a lot, how do you begin a language from scratch, when you don’t understand anything? Here I demonstrate how I start a new language.


I’ve noticed that Steve can see the course “Faithful to Buddha, faithful to you”. This is a “light novel” that I am importing and I personally uploaded the same image that shows up on Steve’s account. This seems too much of a coincidence, particularly because I can’t find a public version of the novel. I’ve also checked that all lessons in my course are private. Am I missing something?

Btw, very useful demonstration by Steve!

Hi Francisco, I tried same actions but could only see the mini-stories, and other course was not visibe to me - so looks like maybe Steve’s account has higher level admin access and he can see more detail there which is not accessible to regular users? Br, Frank

Thank your for your reply, Frank and for having checked that the course is not accessible. I was very curious about this. Maybe the reason is the one you suggest, I wanted to confirm this. On second thought, however, I’m not so sure because only one lesson was visible for him and I have uploaded twenty-something. I have made the whole course private in the meantime so maybe that’s why It’s not visible anymore? Although I was under the impression that it was already private and I have got no feedback from the system about whether my new settings have had any effect.
I don’t care very much one way or another, I made the course private solely to avoid possible copyright issues for Lingq.
In case someone is interested, I got the novel from a site that translates Chinese and Japanese “light novels” into Indonesian. I think it’s a good resource because there’s not so much content in Indonesian that we can import into Lingq. This is the link to the website:

Hi Ftornay. I keep notcing “Faithful to Buddha, faithful to you” coming up in my feed for Bahasa Indonesia. For example in my current feed, it shows you as having liked Chapter 24 some 11 days ago. I think because you have liked the lesson, it then appears on everyone else’s feed. I was able to click on it in my feed and import Chapter 24.

Hi Francisco, just to let you know, I tried the above as described by Zhanma, and yes it is same for me, I can see same chapter 24 liked by you in the Lesson feed/popular lessons section, but in this case looks like a ‘recommendation’ on the feed since it imports from the original source, i.e. not linked to your own previous personal imports …! …
Br, Frank

Thank you to both. That makes total sense. It’s true that I liked one of the lessons by mistake. If this what happens, then it is absolutely ok.