How to Learn a Language the LAZY Way - Steve Kaufmann

Can we be lazy and learn languages? I think so. Here are my seven hints on how to be a successful yet lazy language learner.


I liked the video. Sounds very Tao.; be lazy but diligent. The last tip was surprising.

I love the way he juggles between languages. He is a true magician :slight_smile: I could not do so even if my life depends on it.

Yep, I need the lazy way today!

I’d put the “don’t prepare for tutors” in the same category as the 13 LingQs. In other words, it may be okay to underperform and be unprepared a couple times as long as you keep showing up to speak in your new language. But I would say it’s much better to regularly exceed that laziness and have some good things to talk about, at least in general. It’s your nickel, steer the conversation where you want it to go. I’ll usually find 4 funny news stories to talk about or I’ll share something funny from my life or I’ll ask for my tutor’s opinion on something like a big purchase or what they think about a major event in history that happened in their country or interesting differences in culture, business, social issues, the present or past government regimes etc.


I suspect Steve is generally a lot more “prepared”. It may not be in the conventional sense, but I suspect he has many things to talk about and share. Things on his mind, etc. Whereas, I know for myself, I’m more introverted and don’t tend to say much in general, so I think I would need to prepare like you with some topics or ideas that would go beyond one or two sentences.