How to interact with other LingQ members


I was just wondering how other LingQ members would interact with each other.

Do they talk to one another mainly on this forum, Exchange page, or other platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, and twitter?

I follow some members and read the FAQ about it, but I don’ quite understand how it works with following people. ( I believe there was a timeline on my profile page that you could see what kind of activities people who you follow did on LingQ before.)

Thank you.

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I communicate regularly on Skype with two people that I’ve met through Lingq.

Since there isn’t really an instant chat window, nor is there a chat room, third party applications are necessary. At least for the type of online relationship that I’m used to having.

I see. Thank you for your response, David :slight_smile:

While we are keeping this idea in mind, please feel free to interact with each other on our Facebook page as well: Redirecting...

Skype is really great for practicing target languages, making friends… and keeping in touch with your family if you live far away…

If and when I communicate with other LingQ members, I use the forum, write messages on their wall, exchange emails with them or sign up to their YouTube channel. My LingQ email address is available (I think) to folks who follow me.

Hope that helps.

@ Galina

Thank you for the rose. See you on Facebook,too :slight_smile:


I’ll try to be more active within LingQ website,too. Thank you.

I was wondering that, too. I clicked on “follow” for some people, but I have yet to find where I can actually see their activity.

@juliavvv: With the new exchange page (formerly friends page) in December it became nearly useless. Before there was a friends filter and lots of other filters on the exchange page effecting the right panel on this page. I used it a lot. I made a suggestion to add this information on an extra page instead of crimping it in such a small panel. I’m not sure if there any plans to improve that.


Thank you Vera. I am still new here and find some things hard to find and not very self-explanatory. For example: how would I have known you replied to me in this thread without deliberately searching for it again to see if anyone did?

You should get an email notification unless you do not untick “watching thread”. This is set by default if you write something in a thread.

We have some thoughts about Exchange page and are planning to improve it in the nearest future :slight_smile:

Sounds great! Thank you, Galina.

@juliavvv “I was wondering that, too. I clicked on “follow” for some people, but I have yet to find where I can actually see their activity.”
This comment puzzles me, so I don’t think I understand it or Vera’s response.
To find out what my friends are doing, I simply click on their icon on my home page. Is there more to know?

Yes, donhamiltontx. On the old friends page you could select “friends”, and then you saw all the posts, lessons, roses etc. of these friends (depending on the filters). You were also able to select “Spanish” to see all of these from Spanish learning members etc. Now you can click on a single friend to see his posts. But if you have 30, 40 or more friends this can be quite time consuming. It was interesting and a lot of fun to have it all together. But sometimes it was distracting from learning too :wink:

@Vera: Ah, I see. In fact, I had forgotten all about the old friends page. Thank you for the explanation.

I’d like to see that the old friend page is back sometime in the future.

The lesser you have to click, the better :slight_smile: