How to increase your intelligence

I came across the interesting article, which I want to share with Lingq members:
To me it was quite eye opening and I guess it is relevant to the language learning too.

Hi Colibri,
The link doesn’t work ;-(

Try this:

I still believe that intelligence is God gifted.

intelligent people are his specially chosen people.

If we could increase intelligence by implementing some methods, every average joe would have been an Einstein, Newton, Bill Gates by now.

I suffered from PMD for eight years my pdoc talked about a lack of dopamine I used to take meds for a year during this period I did not witness any significant improvement on my motivational as well as cognitive areas.

To this date from initial school days my motivation and cognitive ability have remained awful and this trend still continues.

You can say I never derived any pleasure from learning. I’m academically challenged and if god has meant it this way there is nothing miraculous I can do in order to improve my intelligence.

Your English, however, is excellent.

“if god has meant it this way there is nothing miraculous I can do in order to improve my intelligence”

I would advise you to be more cautious when reaching such sweeping defeatist conclusions. If you apply that principle to everything, you’ll never try anything.

Ok . I agree with you . Not everyone has to agree with my point of view. It was just my personal experience. Give this approach a try on a personal level and report back any sort of feedback.

asad100101 by your own logic I could say “god is testing you- can you overcome this challenge and be a motivated and adaptive, intelligent individual”?

Great article, thanks for the link colibri

Initial cognitive abilities (genetically caused or from the God) have a great importance. However development on intelligence depends on environment, your motivation and ect.