How to improve english writing skill

I can communicate well in English but I am not fluent , I know I have to work hard to improve my speaking and writing. my job is highly related to writing in English, so, what is the easiest way to improve English writing skill?

I am not a native speaker of English, but I think you write very well in English. The ‘open correction’ feature at LingQ is too good for me to get rid of my addiction to it.

I am addicted to writing in English, and I don’t want to get rid of this addiction. The ‘open correction’ feature at LingQ is so good that I cannot get rid of my addiction to it.

Hi guys
i have the same problem of Selam, i need to improve my written english.

Hi selam and alegreppi
I think, writing depends of the vocabulary, too. You can write a sentence with less words, and you are understandable what you want to say.
If you have a better vocabulary, you can better describe what is important, or, what your feeling is in special topic.
In some jobs, it is important to use the right words.

If you write, you have more time to think about and to look in a dictionary. But, very often, I used a word that I found in the dictionary, and my tutor told me that this word is wrong, not very common, old, unclear and so on.

The best way for me is, to write, because I am a little older and need more time for thinking about. But my many mistakes in my tutor’s correction shows me that I have to learn a lot.

To read a lot, is a good way, too, to learn how to use expressions and idioms. The terminology depends of the job that you are doing or you are working in.

Thank you, Yutaka, for bringing this link in the exchange area! Only in this way I could find this question.
Only, I suggest not to spend so much Points for this!!!

I will bring a suggestion to the support: We should have a CHAT-Area
What do you think about this?

Yes, a chat-area is a good idea. I different languages!

I think, it would not be necessary to bring the Chat in different languages.
As a test, it would be good enough to have one in English, because it is the most spoken language.

If I wanted to have a Chat for different languages, I could use the Forum, and there the part for my language. But in an English Chat room, I have only this single one and there, I can pick out the language I want to answer or I will try to answer in the language I am learning. That means, if there is a question in Chinese, I cannot answer. But if there is one in English, I can try it.

Just read a lot of good stuff. Your brain will automatically catch what is essential.