How to import sound?

I usually use this website to learn Swedish

Radio Sweden på lätt svenska | Sveriges Radio

Although I can import the articles, I didn’t figure out how to import the sound track. I’ve read some articles here on lingQ from that same site that have sound.

Audio Capture for Chrome™ (Audio Recorder). Very good

Hi Lawrencen, is this the extension you refer to? Chrome Audio Capture - Chrome Web Store

I tried it myself just now. Seems pretty easy to use. Unfortunately a bit manual, but easier than dedicated recording programs I’ve tried in the past which tend to have a lot of bells and whistles that make it more complicated than needed for these purposes.

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No, is this
It is very easy to work with it. You can record only 18 minutes of mp3, but it is OK.

Thanks. Looks like the functionality and steps are similar based on the description. The one I posted only allows a max of 20 min as well.

Yeah, There are both very useful . With pleasure, Good Luck!

Thanks. I added it but it made a 20 min capture. The audio I want to download is less than 3 minutes.

No, problem. You can save after you finish your capture, anytime , until 20 min.

Try this

And now I downloaded another audio and it is 20 minutes of silence.

First you have to open your site and have to push start ( Audio Capture).
Second, immediately, open the sound on your site, from where you want to record. When it is finished ( or you stoped it ), you have to stop (push Save in Audio Capture,). Third , you have to save your capture on your computer.

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Make me happy and tell me that you succeeded !

OK, I got it! I was confused because at first it recorded many files without playing them so I thought you didn’t need to play the audio to record it. Now I played it and it worked. Thanks!


The other option is to find the audio using chrome developer mode. Unfortunately, the source audio is m4a, which I don’t think lingq supports (i might be wrong, though). Converting from one format to another is usually straightforward, though.

For example, one of them is: