How to import korean webnovels?

I’ve been trying to import a webnovel in Korean to LingQ, and I can’t find a website that allows me to do that. page.kakao has pictures, so the text can’t be selected nor imported and Naver Series only works on the app where importing is impossible. Does anyone know a website where importing webnovels in Korean would be possible?

The webnovel I’ve been trying to find is 나 혼자만 레벨업 (Solo leveling), since I’ve already read it in English which should make it easier to understand, but at this point I’d take any webnovel.

The webnovel you are referring to is available in Google Play Bookstore. What you need to do is purchase it, export it as EPUB, and then remove the DRM protection using a special software such as Calibre or Epubor Ultimate. There are tutorials available on the forum which explain how to proceed.

No one has yet found a way of importing ebooks from Korean bookstores as they can only be read on their respective apps once purchased and not downloaded onto the buyer’s computer.

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Pretty sure I could do it. Id write a script to scrape all the content and then upload it as a private LingQ lesson.


For some reason I can see that it’s on Google Play Bookstore on Google but I can’t find it on the app. Idk if it’s because it’s only available in Korea or if it’s just me somehow messing up. Could you send me the link please?

Importing Korean webnovels can be delightful. Use translation tools and e-book formats compatible with your device. Explore Korean web novel communities for recommendations and formats. Happy reading!