How to import Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew word pairs to create an audible list to be used for strictly audible vocabulary review (similar to Nemo app)

I’d like import lists of word pairs to create an audible list of Hebrew - English and English - Hebrew vocabulary that I can review just by listening. A word would be pronounced and following a pause its translated meaning would be pronounced. This would be used like the language app “Nemo Hebrew” which has a finite, fixed list of words but would differ in that the vocabulary would be customized and expandable. ChatGPT 4o suggested doing the following on LingQ but I can’t execute the instructions given: How to Use LingQ for Custom Audible Word Lists:

  1. Download and Install:
  • Download the LingQ app on your iPhone from the App Store and on your Mac via the LingQ website or use it directly in your web browser.
  1. Create Custom Content:
  • Import or create a lesson with Hebrew-English word pairs.
  • Use the LingQ system to add new words and phrases.
  1. Enable Audio Playback:
  • Ensure that the TTS feature is enabled for both Hebrew and English.
  • When reviewing your word pairs, listen to the Hebrew word first, followed by the English translation.
  1. Practice Listening:
  • Use the listening mode to review your custom word lists.
  • The app will play the Hebrew word and then the English translation, allowing you to practice just by listening.
    Can anyone help me?
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