How to import easy german podcast

if someone can help me, I am trying to import lessons from easy german podcast to lingq, I followed the steps I uploaded the mp3 and the transcript as text, but when I generate the lesson the audio does not go with the text, and the text is all together without spaces as if all the dialogue was together with the timestamps and everything.

You’re probably going to have a bit of a problem. First of all, most (all?) are going to be longer than the typical LingQ lesson length so it has likely split the lesson into multiple ones? So you will have to also split the audio as well at the right spot. That’s beyond my knowledge and also, imo, too much effort to go through, but maybe someone can give you some ideas. If you do get it split correctly, for each lesson you’ll want to then “edit lesson” and “generate timestamps”. This will synch the audio to the sentences (if all goes well).

My preference is to either listen to the audio alone and if I want to add the lingq’s, then just import the transcript and skip through the unknown words and simply add just those. No real reading.

Optionally, what I’ve been trying to do lately when I can is use their immersive reader…if you are a patreon 2nd level? you’ll be able to do this. They have the transcript nicely layed out and it highlights the words as the audio plays. You can also click the “translate” button at the end of each speakers section to see the words in English. If you know English this is nice. So I simply do this exercise outside of LingQ and just don’t worry about importing anything to LingQ most of the time for this.