How to import a PDF with English inside

I have a PDF in German and I am trying to import it. Every 5 pages there’s an English part inside (the translation of the short story). I don’t want that in my lesson because I always have to ignore all the english words and it is annoyng and time consuming.
I also tried to split the PDF in small documents in order to leave out the English part but Lingq doesn’t allow me to import it. Do you know how I can fix this problem? Thanks

After importing the file you need to click on “edit lesson” option. Then manually delete that English part out of your German text then click on “save&open” the lesson.

Unfortunately at the moment there is now way to avoid importing English text together with rest of the file. Our importer grabs and import a complete book.
Best you can do is to Edit a lesson later and manually delete English parts in the text.

I have noticed that when I have imported lessons the text has already been saved once during the auto-import process, so you still have to click ‘ignore’ on every single unique word that you do not want included in your lesson, and then afterwards delete them manually, otherwise you still have those words counted as ‘unknown’ in your lesson statistics, otherwise when you complete the lesson, it will not be ‘zero’ unknown words. Not necessarliy a big issue, but confusing initially.
I picked this up first when i corrected some spellings, but still had ghost ‘unknown’ words, so I had to ‘ignore’ the spelling errors first in lesson normal read mode before I corrected the spellings in edit mode.
The only way around this it when you completely manually import any text, make sure to delete whatever ‘BEFORE’ anything is saved or before ‘resplit text’ which also performs a save!
Any feedback or other quick workaround for this would be appreciated.

@FrankG In cases like that, on the Edit Lesson page just click on the “Re-Split” text button and that should do the job.

Hi Zoran
First please let me say that this is not a big issue, and I have become accustomed to ignoring the actual figures now as it doesn’t make a difference to my learning or progress. Let me also clarify scenario, I have five Lessons in a course, the Lessons are ALL at ‘Zero’ unknown words for me, but the ‘Course’ total showed 5 unknown words.
For reference only: → Login - LingQ.
In response to your reply, I re-split ALL the lessons in a course. No change in Course stats. Then I deliberately added an incorrect spelling (of your name) in the LAST lesson, then re-split, and then corrected spelling and re-split again.
My 5 lessons are still at zero ‘unknown’, but now course total shows ‘6’ unknown … ? So at the course level the ‘unknown’ count is incremented, and the unknown count is not resolved with re-split it seems?
Again, this is only a minor background issue which had me guessing what was happening when I first noticed it, but I ignore this nowadays.
Thanks for you ealier feedback, much appreciated.
Br, Frank

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Thanks Frank, much appreciated. I’ll look into it.

Convert the pdf into a text file using this link here: Copy and paste the text from the text file into the importing field, and just ignore/delete the english sections

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It worked. Thank you!