How to ignore words on LingQ?

I have passed pages reading and listening the text and audio. But the previous pages still have blue words that I didn’t mark as unknown.
They don’t turn white even I go to next page and still remain as unknown words.
I want to turn them white so I can know the words I ‘really’ don’t know.
Please give me some advice.

Have you noticed the “Ignore” button on the right when you select a word? Just click on a blue word and you will see the white Ignore button under the “Check/Manage dictionaries” option.

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You can also use the following keys:
x - ignore selected word
k - make it known
space - play/pause audio

There is a little improvement that could be made in the web version of Lingq, which is, quite frankly, a little annoying, compared to the mobile version. You can’t easily ignore words, which has caused me to prefer reading on my phone to reading on the web. If there are many Names, English words (while reading in a different language) I just don’t want to bother clicking on that word, selecting the meaning and then again clicking TWICE on the ignore button to finally ignore the word. Particularly if there are many words in succession, it becomes increasingly annoying. I am sure it is not beyond the creators capability to adress this issue, so I would appreciate if something was done about it. I am sure it would make life easier to many language learners on the site.

Ok, After rereading your comment I am taking it back, but just one little thing - the ingore button could be a little more visible to actually notice not after a couple of months of learning, but preferably form day one. It is so white I literally had to put a lot of effort into finding it and almost didn’t.