How to humiliate someone cruelly?

Hello buddies,
Buddies I need your help. Please tell me cruel jokes in English language, basically I need jokes that I could humiliate someone cruelly. (I WILL NOT DO THAT, Because I just want to know jokes) =) I’ll be waiting for your answers :slight_smile:

“…(I WILL NOT DO THAT, Because I just want to know jokes)…”

In any forum where there is freedom of speech, you should be able to tell jokes (including “cruel” jokes) about anyone you like without fear of censorship, IMO.

Post your question on Rank’s wall :stuck_out_tongue:

If this isn’t just trolling nonsense, then what is?

What is the difference between trolling and wanting to discuss something with others?

@dooo I suppose that may be the start of some joke…? To me, someone wanting to discuss something intends to elicit informative responses, while a troll intends to elicit charged, uninformative or inappropriate responses.

@Rank Who says there is freedom of speech in these forums? (I assume you are alluding to your previous jokes.) I don’t think there is, and I don’t think there should be. We pay for a service, which doesn’t include the right to post things considered inappropriate for younger users. Cruel jokes fall in this category.

This thread has been hijacked as a result of another unrelated thread. I don’t believe lingqqqenglish’s question had anything to do with Rank’s earlier thread posts. He just wants some examples of cruel jokes so he knows how to recognize them. Even though I never swear in any of my foreign languages, I insist on knowing all of the swear words and insults so that I will recognize them and understand what is going on when they are uttered (hopefully not in my direction).

lingqqqenglish, if you search Google for “put downs” or “funny put downs” or “funny insults” you will probably find what you are looking for.

Well, Steve says that there is freedom of speech here - or, at least, he always used to say that! :wink:

I guess you may be right - in which case I am sorry if I hijacked the thread.

@Rank Well, I haven’t been here too long, but I thought Steve has always said there is free speech, but always with the caveat that we have minors using the site, and so the ‘free’ speech is necessarily limited accordingly. Inevitably there will be some interpretation involved in determining what is appropriate.

KCB, I absolutely agree - I would never use extreme or highly abusive language at this forum.

In a way, this is what is so wrong about deleting my original post, because people who didn’t see it assume that I must have said something really nasty - but that simply isn’t true!

It was just some dumb jokes along the lines: “What d’you get if you cross Benny Lewis with Santa Claus…etc…” This was nothing that a rational person could have found seriously offensive, in my opinion.

I guess I’ll never know if the jokes deserve to be labeled ‘dumb’ or ‘cruel’. I’m not too curious to weigh in either way because I haven’t personally seen much reason to scrutinize LingQ’s judgment on such matters.

@odiernod You may be right about there being a ‘good’ motive, involving recognizing cruel jokes. But look at how the original post says, “Basically I need jokes that I could humiliate someone cruelly.” For my part, I won’t contribute to indulging such a desire.


My question was referring to seshem calling Rank’s first post here trolling. I was wondering if there was a new definition of the word.

  • dooo

@dooo I took his comment to be about the original poster…


Same difference :slight_smile:

Well, I think it’s pretty obvious that it was started between the two of them.