How to help students listen more fluently?

Helo guys. There was a thread created about how to help students to speak more fluently but I have a student who really can’t undertsand much natural English speech.

What ways could I help him to listen better? Are there any activities you could use?


Listening to same content many times. Listening to same topic as much as possible. Listening to just one speaker. It has helped me a lot.

Pick an actor (who doesn’t radically alter their voice between projects) and watch a lot of their material. TV shows are quite good because you get used to the voices of the actors, and you get used to the mannerisms and speaking styles of the characters.

Other than that, maybe choose very short, but natural, material - one or two minutes. Listen a few times, read it, read and listen, listen again. If something is one minute, it’s pretty easy to go through it 7 or 8 times in a row without getting bored.

Songs can also be very helpful. They are short, the chorus repeats, and it’s easy to listen repeatedly. “Storyteller”-type singer-songwriters might be a good choice.

Thanks for the replies. I will try out what you both suggested.