How to have Native Speakers record audio for imported lesson

Hello! I recently uploaded an interesting article in Greek but unfortunately there is no audio file to go along with it. I am not a native speaker and I’m not very advanced yet to be recording audio for a lesson. Does anybody know how I can get someone to volunteer to record audio for the article?

To hear the text spoken by a native speaker, read it in sentence view and click on the speaker icon.

We did have a “record” function on the exchange but removed it because it wasn’t much used. Tutors can record their lesson notes. ONe solution might be to ask a tutor for a lesson, for which you pay the tutor, but instead of a full lesson, send them the file you want recorded for them to put in the lesson notes and attach a recording. I find that recording things in Voice Memo on my iPad is high quality. I then convert the file for mp3 and upload it. What do others think? If we can have members help each other with recordings that would be great.

Text to speech is not the best to listen to, especially for a long article. Ideally we can get native speakers to record. If the content is free of copyright we can even share these in the library.