How to handle former "Courses"?

I have resumed sharing “Les Misérables” from Librivox. However, I am facing a problem after the former “Courses” disappeared with the launch of the new site.
It was another user, no longer active, who started sharing “Les Misérables”, creating one collection for each “book” of this work (which is divided into 5 tomes, each tome including a different number of “books”).
When the “Courses” were launched, maybe last year, I created one to group all the different collections created by that user and went on adding the third tome, since she had only added the two first. That way, LingQ users could easily read “Les Misérables” from the beginning to the (temporary) end.
How am I supposed to continue now? I have created a collection for “Tome 4 - Book 1”, as before, but it can no longer be added to the “Course” I created.
Any suggestions?

Oh, no worries! I see the old “Course” has been turned into a new Playlist, so I should be able to add the new lessons there. Excellent!

No… something seems to be going wrong. If I try to edit that playlist, all the existing lesson urls are deleted and I cannot add any new lesson.
Heeelp! :slight_smile:

You are more than welcome to copy and replace 232 links, if the idea excites you. I have better things to do.

@mikebond - You should be able to click on “Add to Playlist” in the lesson dropdown in the Library view - Editing of Playlists is a bit funny now so stay out of that page for now. We will get those issues resolved. However, you can add new lessons to Playlists in the Library now which is much more convenient. Just start typing your playlist name when the Add to Playlist popup opens.

Thanks for the help, Mark. The new function is very useful!
I have been able to add the six chapters I added today to the global playlist. However, I see a few strange things:

  • the numbers of these lessons start from 2588 rather than from 233;
  • after the lessons I just added, four urls remain, with the progressive numbers 0 to 3. I have no idea what they are related to and it looks like they can’t be removed.
    Anyway, things are getting better little by little. I hope I’ll soon be able to use LingQ on my iPad again.

@mikebond - Yes, there are some issues on the edit Playlist page. We’ll get them sorted out. However, everything should look fine in the Library.