How to get timestamps to work

I love the idea of time stamps that sync with the audio, so I can repeat a sentence at a time with the native audio.

But I’m having trouble finding which lessons (for Spanish B2-C2) really sync with the audio.

Some (pre-made LingQ lessons) don’t seem to have time stamps and ones that do, seem to be out of sync in sentence mode.

Is there something I’m missing in getting it to work?

I’m not looking to make my own lessons and mess with time stamps, I really just want to go through some lessons where they’re already available.

Thank you

Unfortunately, at the moment we made sure audio timestamps are marked properly for some most popular beginner lessons and we are still unable to control if timestamps are correct in all courses on the site. You can try importing content on your end and then try to generate audio timestamps to see how it goes. Audio should split properly if quality is fine and if it matches the text.

Thank you,
Well it’s most important when beginning. To repeat a sentence over and over. But at my level it doesn’t matter so much