How to get rid of incorrect tags?

Based on some recent reading on the forums, I have started using tags for my lingQs. I’m finding this to be a very useful features for grouping and filtering of lingQs based on different review or learning objectives. Great concept!

One problem I’ve run into, is that I erroneously misspelled one of my tags and I now want to get rid of this incorrectly spelled tag (which was associated with a single word).

I searched in this support forum and found a previous suggestion from Alex (dating back to Dec. 2011) regarding how to do this:

“To remove a tag, just head to the Vocabulary page and remove the tag from each word you have added it to. Once no words have that tag left, it will disappear from the list.”

I followed this procedure, and removed the tag from the word it was associated to. From the Vocabulary page, the incorrect tag now still appears in the list of tags in the filtering area. When I click on this tag I obtain the message “No terms match your search”. I checked the other search terms and they are all set to the defaults (i.e, all status levels, etc…), so they should not be filtering out any of the lingQs.

Is there anything else that I need to do in order to make the “bad” tag disappear?

@pcolag - I wonder if it may have been due to a delay in the database updating this information. Is the tag still showing on your Vocabulary page?

@alex - Your hunch seems to be correct! I checked again this morning, and the tag which I deleted yesterday (the incorrectly spelled tag) is now gone.

However, I do have another tag which I am still having problems getting rid of. Possibly, the problem is that this tag contains an accented character (the name of the tag is “ê-pronciation”) . When I search for the tag, I get the message “No terms match your search.”. However, this tag still appears in my list of tag (the situation has been like this for at least 2 days).

@pcolag - When you say you search for the tag, do you mean you’re typing it into the search box or you’re clicking on the tag in the Tags section on the right hand side?

@alex - I was referring to clicking on the link in the Tags section on the RHS. When clicking on the link, I do notice that when I click on the link, the following text is automatically inserted into the search box: “tag:ê-pronciation”. However, I always get the message “No terms match your search.” (even with all other search parameters not filtering anything). Other tags work fine using the same procedure.

@pcolag - OK, let me try this and I’ll get back to you in a day or so to see what happens.

@pcolag - I checked and these tags seem to have cleared properly from my account. Do they still appear for you?

@alex - The offending tag (the one named “ê-pronciation” is still visible in the list of tags (on the RHS in the Vocabulary view). I still get the same behavior as I reported previously, no lingQs found when I click on it.

Is it possible for you to test this out on my account to see the behavior?

Also, a though occurs to me. Could this behavior occur if one of the words which had this tag was subsequently deleted from my list of lingQs? I don’t really know if this actually occured, but it could be a possibility.

@pcolag - I’m not sure, though any of those are possible. For the most part it seems to be working properly, so I’ll add this to our list and we’ll take a closer look when we get a chance. Thanks for bringing up this issue.