How to get points?

How do you receive points for holding a conversation?

I am scheduled to give an English conversation soon, but I’m not sure how I will receive the points for it :slight_smile:


After finishing the conversation reports the system automatically add the points to your account.

Danke, Vera!

Yes, so make sure you send the conversation report. I find them extremely useful. I usually get at least 10 or 15 phrases with my mistakes, which I then study, creating LingQs. I also get a word or two of encouragement from the tutor, and we can always use encouragement.

The LingQ fairy comes while you are asleep and puts the points into your account. So no peaking :wink:

Oh well… I’m really really really stupid because I’ve hosted conversations, but didn’t know I had to send those reports here. Usually what I have done is I send emails with a “report” for the conversation. Thanks for letting me know, next time I’ll make sure I send out a report as it must also be helpful to the student. :slight_smile:


You should send those reports out now. You can find your old conversations on your calendar page and open and fill out those reports. Then you will get your points for hosting the discussions.

You still get the points even if the other person doesn’t show up. Tick the “person did not attend” box on the report and send it.

You also get credited for time speaking in lessons (as a student), even if you don’t show up. I have really improved my Russian speaking stats by sleeping through lessons!

Helen, let us start a thread on improving the LingQ stat while sleeping :wink:

What happens if the person did not attend? I’ve waited the duration of the conversation, but nobyd has turned up on Skype. I tried skyblueteapot’s suggestion of ticking ‘person did not attend’ and sending it, but it won’t let me send it as it says reports should be sent after the conversation.

I don’t know what to do. Any help greatly appreciated.

@skims - Are you sure your time zone is set correctly? If you do have the time wrong and it is in the future, you won’t be able to send the report until the scheduled time passes. According to our system it looks like you should be hosting a conversation right now or, which should have started 4 minutes ago.

Try sending the conversation reports again from the calender page, as Mark have suggested.

I just now have checked it, and successfully got my points for the old April conversations (reports on which I had sent in a different way). Go to the calendar page, display the Calendar, navigate, if needed, to a past month, and click on (or first hover over?) the small colored cell of your past conversation. You will eventually invoke the empty conversation report by clicking through.

Save the report and send it. (It might be a good idea to type something in, because otherwise your student gets an empty report that may be confusing). Observe the increase in your points, if you are lucky :wink: