How to get Phrases to select on multiple lines

When importing from youtube I am unable to create a Phrase LingQ on multiple lines for example a phrases that is quite long and spans to the line below.

Do i have to change the sentence in the settings or is there an easier way to do this?

Many thanks

Please note that you can highlight maximum 9 words at once. If phrase is longer than that, you can’t highlight and save complete phrase.

On the app (at least on android), you can highlight an “add lingq” on longer than that. Not sure whether you can save them that long, but I only do it to get an overall meaning of a sentence or more, I never try to save it.

It would be great on the desktop to at least allow you to highlight and get the meaning of longer sentences/paragraphs as you can using google translate…even if they aren’t allowed to be saved as a Lingq. Not sure if that’s planned in the upcoming update?

We don’t have that in plans at the moment, but update is still work in progress so changes are possible.

As I just noticed a notable LingQ user/Youtuber complaining about this 9 word issue as being a BIG headache I’d like to also say this is a really big headache, especially with multiple lines being counted as words and preventing me from easily translating a phrase. This happens way way way too often. Yes Android can work around this issue if I want to look up the long sentence or line broken phrase outside of LingQ but on desktop it’s just painful and that’s where i do 99% of my LingQ usage. Please please please prioritize this for my Christmas present this year LingQ.

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It would be great if they could work on that.
Also work on selecting several parts of a sentence as one Lingq, e.g. " We don’t have that in plans at the moment, but update is still work in progress so changes are possible. " It would be great if I could highlight “We don’t have that” […] “at the moment” and save it as one Lingq (“We don’t have that at the moment”). With some languages, such as German, the final verb comes at the end of a long sentence and you may want to save subject + verb as one Lingq (but there is a long subclause in between…).