How to get new words in review feature?

I started using the review feature in vocabulary that tests you with flashcards, etc. But it keeps giving me the same words even though I get them correct and they are now listed as known words in my vocabulary. How do I get it to quiz me on new words?

Regarding the SRS, every day words and phrases are added to your Due for Review list. You can find this list in the Vocabulary section. LingQs are selected for review based on our SRS (Spaced Repetition System) schedule. Status 1 - 1 day, Status 2 - 3 days, Status 3 - 1 week, Status 4 - 2 weeks, then 1 month, then 3 months.

Daily lists are generated from the list of terms due for review. You can set the number of terms that get sent each day up to 200. Of course, if you go to the Vocabulary section, you can review all your terms until there are none left for review. You can change the sort by, or apply filters to see a different list of LingQs before you select them and start the review.

In fact, we don’t recommend this type of review for all your LingQs. You should be creating more LingQs than you can possibly review this way. It’s far more efficient to learn this vocabulary by seeing it in multiple contexts over time. The important words will reoccur more frequently and will be learned soonest, and the other words will be learned over time. In effect, you review naturally as you move on to new lessons.

Reviewing this way, in context, is actually far more efficient and will allow you to learn the tens of thousands of words you need much more quickly and in a way that you will actually retain them.

Having said that, the review tools are there and can help you get started, or for a change of pace sometimes to do something different while still learning. Or, to help you focus on specific vocabulary lists which you can create by tagging LingQs and then filtering for these tags in the Vocabulary section. Do what you enjoy but heavy memorization is not really necessary.

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