How to get a refund?

I couldn’t afford the 24 month subscription anymore so I downgraded to monthly. But I was still charged for the 24 months. How can I get this fixed?

@Nickc23 No problem, I refunded your payment and expired subscription. Feel free to upgrade back to a monthly plan anytime you want now.

Hello zoran! I haven’t been using LingQ for 2 years and forgot to cancel the membership, and I just got automatically charged for my annual billing cycle yesterday (without any prior notice that it would be renewed). I don’t plan to use LingQ this year either. Can I get refunded for this upcoming year?

@renaissancesim I refunded your payment and expired subscription.

Hello there! Would you be able to refund my subscription as well? I’ve only had it for 5 days

@Jhitchcock94 it’s taken care of.

Hello, I would like to cancel my subscription and get a refund. Thanks

@gq216 It’s taken care of.

Refund mine too please. I’ve been on less than 3 days

Hi. Just trying the service out. Could you refund mine too. Only had it for five days.

Sure @kfan11 and @tfandre , it’s done for both.

good day. I didn’t realize that i would be charged automatically this year. i will not have time be using Lingq . i have a lot on my plate this year i believe i already cancelled the subscription can i get a refund please. i did enjoyed using the app though

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Hello, Lingq isn’t for me unfortunately. I’ve had it less than a month. Can you cancel my subscription and refund for the remaining 11 months please?

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@nohandsignal @danpipe I refunded your payments and expired subscriptions.

Many thanks for that!

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much thanks for your assistance

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