How to get a Refund?

Hello dear LingQ Team,
I am new and I was really into this website so i wanted to support it and also help myself learning by buying premium. So I took premium for the 12 months sub, the problem is the following:
it says a monthly price and than the total for 12 month.
So n my head and how others handle this type of subscription I tought i now pay monthly for at least 12 month. But now my PayPal got charged with the full on 100€+ which i just can’t afford right now!

I can’t find a way to cancel this. So i need help now. How do I refund the payment/subscription? I want to cancel the subscription and get the money back, please.

Please consider to change the subpage. Because it’s hard to tell that you have to pay the full amount all at once. On other websites you pay monthly and just can’t cancel until the 12 month are over.

EDIT: Would it be possible to just switch from the 12-month sub to the montly? I’m fine with paying more montly. But i just can’t afford to pay more than 100€ right now at once


Sorry to hear you got confused! Please note that 6, 12 and 24 month membership are all charged full amount at once. That is actually the reason why they are cheaper average per month compared to monthly subscription.

I refunded your payment, you are welcome to upgrade back to monthly plan instead.

I am also a new member of this website.