How to freeze the streak?

I got hooked on TV shows in German on Netflix, really not feeling like doing 100 words today or for a while.

At the same time 544 day insane streak is important to me.

I want to freeze it for a week or two, how can I do that?

You can’t freeze it, sorry. That’s the point of streak, to build it for as long as you can, if you don’t feel like building it further, let it go and start over when you get motivation back and try to beat previous record :smiley:


ok, can I repair the streak for a few days in a row?

You can, yes.

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You can try lowering your daily lingq target down from 100 words a day to 13 words a day so you don’t have to read very much to keep your streak going. Then just raise it back up when you’re ready to start reading more again.

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By doing that I’ll erase the streak. Won’t work.
Also just tried to find where I can adjust the streak, didn’t find it. Anyway, I decided to keep the streak and just use recovery option sometimes.

On the lingq homepage you just click the gear icon to the right of the playlist tab. Then on the popup you adjust the daily goal on the home settings page.

I don’t think that will erase your streak. It just changes how many lingqs you have to make per day to keep your streak going. You might wanna check and make sure with Zoran first though.

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@jjacks303 Sergey is right actually, changing the Daily Goal will reset the streak. You can maintain the streak only with same daily goal and can’t change it.

Oh okay. That’s good to know. I’ll make sure not to go near that setting then.